Lingerie UI UX

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Our brand name Luna conceptualizes a celebration of feminity. The font we've chosen is again curvy and we correlate the same with the curves of the women who we regard as goddesses. Women are one of the most beautiful existing creations of nature, and Luna celebrates them all collectively.

Our Vision

The beauty market trends have been stagnant for long. In this market, there has been negligible development in terms of body positivity and acceptance of ones' originality. Luna aims to change this for women and inculcate within them, an idea of inclusivity in terms of appreciating themselves and each other.

Our Mission

We aim to tell all the women that they are beautiful, no matter what. Intimate wear and lingeries we all know hold an important place in the lives of women. Not only to comfort them under the fancy clothing but to lift their chins up in confidence. We want women to feel good about how they carry themselves, Luna is an attempt at this.

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